Behind The Music


Parmida Barez is a Canadian Singer, Songwriter and Producer who gets her inspiration from the breadth of her life. Her unique personal style is a fusion of RnB and soul. Although her focus is mainly along the lines of dark, conversational RnB, she songwrites for a multitude of musical artists in genres including pop, alternative, rock, blues, folk and hip-hop.  

The unique, timely, and meaningful manner in which she puts lyrics to music has caught the attention of artists from across the globe.  Barez takes multiple approaches to songwriting.  She effortlessly writes lyrics and melodies over pre-existing productions for herself and other artists, and also produces her own songs using the piano as well as electronic music programs. She writes all of her own music and lyrics and also greatly enjoys co-producing and collaborating with others. 

Barez has written poetry from a young age and comes from a musical and artistic background. Writing comes naturally to her and she uses her unique tone and singing style as a tool for her storytelling approach to songwriting.